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Start your personal journey today and learn both the practice and business of transformational coaching. It;s time to become the coach you were born to be.

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With a comprehensive 26-week course designed and delivered by highly experienced practicing coaches, your journey starts here. If you’re an aspiring life coach who wants the confidence to coach anyone and the business expertise to back it up, we’re here for you.

 What you can expect from the 26-week program...


Video Trainings & Interactive Workbooks


Learn in your own time through weekly video training and workbooks. Kyle will teach you how to become a great coach and Jamie will guide you in growing a successful coaching business.

Live Master-Classes With Jamie & Kyle

With weekly live calls with Jamie and Kyle, you’ll be supported every step of the way. This is your chance to ask those burning questions and receive coaching on your own personal process.

Continual Assessment & Support 


Your learning journey will be supported with continuous assessments and added support where needed. Your progress and growth in the program are our priority - your success is our success, too.


Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll graduate with the Life Coaching Certificate you’ve always wanted. But most importantly, you’ll be filled with the confidence to coach anyone, be transformational in what you do and have the business knowledge and experience to achieve true success.


What are the three key parts that make up the program?


The Practice Of Coaching

●  Held back by a lack of self-confidence? It’s time to say goodbye to imposter syndrome right here.

●  Coach and be coached by your peers. Here you will gain an understanding of what it is to coach someone into powerful breakthroughs and lasting results.

●  Graduate with full confidence that you can coach anyone while being clear in your unique style, your niche and why you serve.


The Business Of Coaching

  • We’ll help you demystify the client acquisition process. We believe in simplicity and impact so you can build practices without worry.
  • Learn key business skills and strategy to succeed. Every LCA graduate leaves with a robust business model they can take forward

Life Skills For Self Mastery

  • Learn The Inquiry MethodTM, which is fundamental for authentic growth and transformational coaching.
  • Study coaching and coachability, including how to make your clients more coachable.
  • Develop profound awareness of your own process and deepen your personal journey.

As a practicing life coach at the end of this program, you’ll have...

  •  The ability to confidently coach anyone and facilitate powerful breakthroughs.
  •  The ability to confidently coach anyone and facilitate powerful breakthroughs.
  •  An established coaching business.
  • A full set of coaching skills to use in your sessions.
  •  An effective personal self-coaching practice.
  •  A clear action plan to achieve your coaching ambitions.




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What To Expect Inside LCA

Hear From Life Coaching Academy Graduates




Diana, 7 Weeks in..

"I've already had 5 calls and 2 deciding to sign on with me" 

"I was nervous about the business part but both Jamie and Kyle make everything so simple and straight forward." 



Amanda, 14 weeks in.. 

"I'm already a coach. This certification has two sides - the methodology of coaching and the business side. This already is creating a huge difference!

 A family like feeling within the certification

I have made so much progress. Really inspiring!"


With Life Coaching Academy you will learn how to earn more, grow more, and use your love of personal development to become a confident and successful coach.



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  • 26 Weeks of Video Training 
  • Weekly Calls with our Head Coaches
  • Access to the LCA Community of coaches
  • Bonus 25+ Niche Specific Masterclasses
  • Certification upon graduation

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with LCA, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.


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