In understanding the coaching industry what's most important to know upfront is that there is no standard qualification in the coaching industry. 

What distinguishes you from other coaches is your ability to make a difference in other people's lives and your capacity to run a successful business. Yes you will receive a coaching certificate from us that shows you've done the work but...

What really matters is your ability to have an impactful conversation and to support your clients in getting the results that make their lives better, more joyful and happier. Those happy clients tell other people about you and build your business.

Our certificate focuses on making you a great coach and ensuring you have the business mastery to back it up.


It is our mission to offer the world's best coaching certification, within the most inspiring and empowering learning process possible that sees our coaches graduate with a thriving business in hand and the confidence to coach anyone.


We've created this certificate together with the best coaches in the business to support your learning journey. We've engineered the learning process to deliver the most complimentary and accessible learning experience possible. We've balanced the learnings 50:50 between the practice of coaching and the business of coaching to ensure you'll graduate not just with the ability to coach anyone but with the business expertise to back it up. 


Kyle Mercer: Known for his safety, heart, integrity, love and sense of humor, Kyle has over 25 years of experience, is a master teacher, coach, mentor and has been certifying coaches for the last 10 years. Kyle leads the practice of coaching within Life Coaching Academy.

Jamie White: For over 16 year Jamie has been specialised in finding talent and giving them the tools for success. Jamie inspires the best coaches in the business to succeed and have the life of their dreams. Jamie leads the business of coaching with Life Coaching Academy. 

Upon Completion

You'll graduate not just with the ability to coach anyone but with the business expertise to back it up. Over the 26 weeks you'll practice coaching weekly and develop your business. Every aspect of what you need to know as coach is covered over weekly modules and supporting live calls. You will graduate as a certified coach with a wealth of experience and an established business. 

Your Legal Status 

As a graduate of our program you'll have every right to call yourself a coach. To be transparent, anyone can call themselves a coach, but learning under us as your mentors and our partnering coaches is what's really special about this certificate. In going through The Life Coaching Academy program you will be learning from some of the best coaches in the business. 

Any Other Questions 

For any questions that are left unanswered or any queries that you might have, feel free to contact us directly and we'll come back to you personally. 

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