Coaching and Governing Bodies

In understanding the coaching industry what's most important to know upfront is that there is no standard qualification or world wide governing body. 

What distinguishes you from other coaches is your ability to make a difference in other people's lives and your capacity to run a successful business.

After graduating from Life Coaching Academy you will be LCA certified, you will receive a coaching certificate from us and...

...what really matters is your ability to have an impactful conversation and to support your clients in getting the results that make their lives better, more joyful and happier.

Our certificate focuses on making you a great coach and ensures you have the business mastery to back it up.


Your Legal Status 

As a graduate of our program you are a Life Coaching Academy Certified Coach. The title can be used freely across your platforms. Having a certification creates authority for you in this industry. LCA students are trusted by their prospective clients. As an LCA graduate you will have learned from powerful mentors and from some of the best and most successful coaches in this industry, adding massive credibility and experience to your coaching background. We are incredibly proud to give our graduates their certificate and tie our LCA name to theirs. 


Any Other Questions 

For any questions that are left unanswered or any queries that you might have, feel free to contact us directly and we'll come back to you personally. 

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