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Life Coaching Is Freedom

Jan 12, 2023

Life Coaching Is Freedom

You don’t need my Life Coaching Certification to be a life coach. Life Coaching is an unregulated industry.  What does that mean?


That means that when you coach you can do it however you want to.  No one is looking over your shoulder.  It is a clean canvas to paint whatever is in your heart. Your success will be based on your skill in representing yourself, some coaching skills, your ability to help people, your skill in business, your patience in the beginning and your willingness to start something new.



Unregulated industries are great for creative, self-starting individuals.


I have been working with a person in medical school who wants to be a doctor, who keeps getting frustrated with the oversight, control, and limitations, the lack of humanity.  Medicine is the opposite of life coaching in many ways, highly regulated, a controlled monopoly.  Becoming a doctor takes years of work and study, much of which is irrelevant because the industry wants to create artificial demand through a barrier to entry.


In some ways as consumers this has served us because we know what to expect and there is oversight, but at this point it has become a stranglehold on creativity and freedom.  Innovation and humanity have been taken out of the system.


You have something unique to offer people, the beauty of Life Coaching as a profession is that you are free to express your unique offering, find your gifts.  Many of us love it because there was something we didn't receive in our lives that we deeply yearned for.  Many of us have wounds that we know intimately.  These wounds turn into gifts we can offer to others, to give others what we wanted and needed.



For me it was safety, encouragement, being deeply seen, having my gifts and value reflected to me, this is what I offer my clients.


To find your voice, your gifts as a coach, become the coach, parent, partner, friend that you wanted and be that for someone, it is so rewarding, satisfying and healing for you to offer this.  Unsurprisingly other people yearn for someone to be like this for them, this is the essence of the best Life Coaching, and because each one of you is unique, you offer something unique.  The world should have that.  Do not judge it or hide it.  The more aligned with this you are the better and more successful you will be as a coach.


Again…your success will be based on your skill in representing your authentic self, some coaching skills, your ability to help people, your skill in business, your patience in the beginning and your willingness to start something new.


To become a coach, get coached on the areas you need support in.  Learning to be a coach is surprisingly easy with the right guidance, coaching and the business of coaching are easily learned.  The hardest part is to be in approval of your authentic self and seeing the gifts in your wounds.  If you have the desire to do this I promise you, you can do it and help people, change your view of yourself, and have an amazing career that has freedom at its foundation.  You can do this!


If you want support in getting what you need to get started we have a program at Life Coaching Academy that addresses everything you need to start building your business and the satisfaction of helping people improve their lives.  I will teach you to coach like a pro, Jamie will give you all you need to have your business up and running and we will help you heal what holds you back.  Your new life is waiting for you.

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