About us?

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We believe the world needs more coaches. Especially those who are committed to their own journey, to heart centred service, and to learning the coaching skills to deeply serve their clients. 



We're Jamie White and Kyle Mercer

We're the lead coaches and co-founders of Life Coaching Academy. Pursuing a career in coaching changed our lives and now with 35+ years of coaching under our belt we knew it was a passion and a craft we were ready to bring the world.

Life Coaching Academy is a training ground for people who have a mission to help others, and better themselves. LCA is for people who are committed to heart centred service and desire the coaching skills & business strategy to facilitate powerful breakthroughs with their clients.

We believe that when equipped with the skills for the practice of coaching, and the strategy for the business of coaching you will succeed in this industry.

We know how powerful it is to hire a coach, and how life changing it is to be a coach. If this is a career path you're ready to journey we'd love to welcome you in to our Life Coaching Academy. Please get in touch and we'll speak with you directly.

Our process is simple...  

We teach coaches the ability to facilitate life changing transformation for their clients, and the skills they need to build a successful and scalable business.

 Meet The Team:


Kyle Mercer - Head of Life Coaching

Life Coaching Academy Co Founder

Known for his heart, integrity, love and sense of humor - he has over 25 years of experience, is a master teacher, coach, and mentor. Founder of the organization, and author of Life at Altitude, Kyle is the innovator behind Inquiry Method, a powerful coaching modality and a tool for raising consciousness, deepening communication, growth, healing and leadership. When coaches need a coach they turn to Kyle.

Jamie White - Head of Business Coaching

Life Coaching Academy Co Founder  

Specialized in finding talent in people and giving them the tools for success. Jamie inspires the best coaches in the business to succeed and have the life of their dreams. From a young age he was something of a business savant, establishing numerous businesses before evolving into the coaching and consulting space. His meeting with Kyle Mercer inspired the creation of Life Coaching Academy and ever since they have been business partners and friends.

Nicole Szoko
Head of  Student Learning

Trained and experienced educator, instructional designer, and teacher trainer turned Learning Coach - Nicole uses educational neuroscience and best practices to guide clients in creating deeply impactful learning experiences. She helps coaches create impact through designing and delivering engaging group programs. Within Life Coaching Academy, Nicole ensures students have the most impactful learning experience.

Johanna Adriaansen 
Head of Sales & Marketing, and Contributing Coach 

Johanna is a life coach who is also trained in somatic therapy. In her private practice she specializes in working with high performing men who want to experience sharper focus, clarity and purpose, and an increase in their leadership and emotional intelligence. Johanna is a partnering coach within LCA and a core member of the team for marketing, strategy, and brand awareness.

Jan-Willem Vanderheiden
Head of Student Onboarding

Jan-Willem is a life coach that specialises in helping men and women address areas such as anxiety, limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks in a way that ultimately delivers an exponential rise in confidence, self trust and love.

In Life Coaching Academy he is both a contributing coach and a core member of the team ensuring students successful onboarding to the program.

Our Partnering Coaches

Along with your weekly training with Jamie and Kyle we've created this certificate together with some of the best coaches and teachers in the business. Inside LCA you'll meet world class coaches to learn their journey, their struggles and their strategies for success.

Jan-Willem V

Warrior Coach 

Website | Instagram

Keturah Chaldean

Embodiment & Self-Love Coach   

Website | Instagram 

Jason Marc Campbell

 Expert Sales Teacher

Website | Instagram 

Erik Eklund 

Human Connection & Story Telling Coach  

Website | Instagram 

Julia Shepley 

Women's Life Coach 

Website | Instagram

Christina Anania 

Women's Life Coach 

Website | Instagram 

Aren Bahia 

Entrepreneur Coach

 Website | Instagram


Kingsley Aikins

CEO The Networking Institute

 Website | Instagram

Therese Tierney

Intuition Coach

Website | Instagram

Jenna Switzer

Sex Coach
Holistic Sexologist


William Griffin 

Getting Coaches Fully Booked without Social Media or Ads

| Email


Spiritual Life Coach  

Website | Instagram

Mario Lanzarotti 

The Freedom Architect
High Performance Coach  

 | Instagram |

Emily DeBouver 

Women's Life & Relationship Coach  

Website | Instagram 

Jasmine Oh 

Confidence, Intimacy & Embodiment Coach  

Website | Instagram 

Tanya Lopez 

Event Strategist + Experience Designer  

Website | Instagram | FB Group

Andrew Mioch

Sexual Quantum Leap
Educator and Coach 

Youtube | Website 

Johanna Adriaansen

Personal Coach | Trauma Informed Practitioner  

Instagram | Website 

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