Do you dream of coaching others?

Grow your confidence, serve your clients and be fully supported every step of the way to becoming a life coach.

With Life Coaching Academy, you can.

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 For those who've always been the heart and ear in every conversation.. Ready to channel that empathy into a new or existing coaching career…


Learn Step-By-Step How You Can Transform Your Calling To Help Others Into A Flexible & Rewarding Full-Time “Job”…In Just 6 Months Or Less With The Life Coach Academy.

Without the stress of finding clients, the overwhelm of setting up your business or ever doubting your ability to get people results.
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 Wondering if you’re a good fit for this program?


 Look, The Life Coach Academy isn’t for everyone. 

  This is a half-year-long program that’s designed to help you achieve true mastery as a coach. If you’re looking for a shortcut, this isn’t the program for you. 



We find that the most successful students of this program are…


New coaches who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. You’re interested in becoming a coach but you're missing the essential tools and strategies to genuinely drive change and nurture a business. You're on the lookout for a guiding hand to navigate the maze.


Coaches with experience, feeling the itch for something fresh. You've climbed to a certain stage in your journey, and now you're gearing up to leap to the next by raising your prices, offering high-ticket services, and serving your clients at an even deeper level. 


Individuals on their own unique, personal growth journey. Coaching as a career might not be on your radar, but you're drawn to the realm and recognise there's inner growth awaiting you.

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At the Life Coach Academy, We Look Beyond The Certificate

1. We start by doing the inner work, clearing away any obstacles that might be holding you back from achieving your dream life and business.

2. Then, you’ll strategically uncover how to start or scale your dream business so it’s aligned with exactly what you want and how you define success.

3. Finally, with newfound confidence and clarity, you’ll then use the same tools that transformed your life to authentically and deeply serve your clients to do the same,, while earning 4-5 figures per month (or more).


There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so you’ll use our customised roadmap to either fill your spaces if you’re brand new, back higher ticket packages with a real skillset, or scale with online marketing, no matter your budget.

Our goal isn't just to teach you about business, it's to actively help you flourish within our community.


Get Enrolled In The Academy 

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 Here’s How The Life Coach Academy Is Already Changing Lives Around The World.



Diana, 7 Weeks in..

"I've already had 5 calls and 2 deciding to sign on with me" 

"I was nervous about the business part but both Jamie and Kyle make everything so simple and straight forward." 

Amanda, 14 weeks in.. 

"I'm already a coach. This certification has two sides - the methodology of coaching and the business side. This already is creating a huge difference!

 A family like feeling within the certification

I have made so much progress. Really inspiring!"


Once You Join The LCA, You’ll Learn How To Create Meaningful, Lasting Transformations For Both Yourself And Your Clients Through Our Proven, 3-Step LCA Program. 

Step 1 - The Practice Of Coaching

Held back by a lack of self-confidence? Step 1 is where we’ll walk you through how you can transform your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader by coaching, and being coached by your peers. 

Here you’ll gain an understanding of what it’s like to coach someone into powerful breakthroughs and lasting results, which you can use to impact the lives of your future clients. 

By the end of this section, you'll have a toolkit filled with the latest and greatest coaching techniques, a deeper understanding of human behaviour, and a newfound confidence in your ability to guide others towards their goals so that you can hit the ground running when it comes to setting up your own business.

Step 2 - The Business Of Coaching

We’re all about simplifying the complex and empowering you with strategies that work - making the overwhelming, well, not so bad. 

In this section, you’ll learn step-by-step how to: 


  • Establish a strong, memorable and unique brand identity that’s authentically you, so you can stand out in the market and easily attract clients who align with your ethos.

  • Position yourself as a go-to expert in your niche, elevating your authority, building trust faster, and commanding higher rates because clients will see the unique value you bring to the table. 

  • Create a compelling online persona, from an engaging website to a magnetic social media strategy, making sure that you and your service are visible.

  • Transform your discovery calls from nerve-wracking pitches to genuine conversations where you understand client needs and showcase how you can be the solution they've been searching for. 

Set up pricing structures that not only reflect your worth but are also affordable for your target audience, while still making sure that you're compensated fairly for the transformative work you do.

Step 3 - Life Skills For Self-Mastery

Understanding the dynamics of coaching and coachability is crucial. It's one thing to have the knowledge, but it's another to effectively make it easily available and understandable to your clients. 

This is where the Inquiry Method comes in and is the focus for step three of our 3-step certification program. 

By studying these dynamics, you'll discover exactly how you can make your clients more receptive to your coaching, which makes sure that every session is productive and brings them closer to their goals, and you closer to your own thriving business.  

Every LCA graduate leaves the program with a clear roadmap designed for sustainability, scalability, and alignment with their vision along with a clear direction, actionable strategies, and the confidence that every move is bringing them closer to their goals.

What You'll Get in the Life Coach Academy Program

  • 26 Weeks of Video Training: Comprehensive training modules to guide you every step of the way.


  • Weekly Calls with our Head Coaches: Direct access to industry experts for personalised guidance and feedback.

  • Access to the LCA Community of Coaches: Connect, collaborate and grow with a community of like-minded professionals.

  • Bonus 25+ Niche Specific Masterclasses: Dive deep into specialised areas of coaching to further enhance your expertise.

  • Certification upon Graduation: A testament to your dedication, expertise, and readiness to make a mark in the coaching world.
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Plus, You’ll Get Access To…


Video Training & Interactive Workbooks

With the flexibility to learn at your own pace, you'll learn impactful coaching with Kyle and master the blueprint to a thriving coaching business with Jamie.  

This means that you’ll have direct access to any resource that you need in order to transform your passion into a profitable venture, so you're not only changing lives but also achieving the financial freedom and sovereignty that you deserve.

Continual Assessment & Support 

Your growth is our mission. That's why we've integrated continuous assessments into our program, offering real-time feedback and additional support whenever you need it. 

We're invested in your success, we want to be 100% certain that every step you take is confident, and informed, and will lead you one step closer to your coaching goals.

Live Master-Classes With Kyle & Co-Founder Jamie 

With weekly live calls with Jamie and Kyle, you’ll be supported every step of the way. 

These sessions are more than just a chance for you to ask any burning questions, they're an opportunity for personalised coaching, tailored feedback, and a deep dive into your unique journey. 

Making sure that you're always on the right track to ensure that your journey to full-time coaching is as smooth as possible. 


But Why Is The Life Coach Academy Different From Any Other Certification Program?


If you’ve already been looking about for a certification program that suits you, or if you’ve already tried one in the past, it’s likely that:


  • You’ve found that most courses that are all talk and no action, giving you heaps of theory but no real-world practice that leaves you feeling unprepared and hesitant within your coaching journey.

  • You’ve been overwhelmed by courses that dump information without clear structure or guidance which leads to gaps in your knowledge and skills.

  • You’ve been burned by hidden costs or upsells.

  • You've been disappointed by outdated content that doesn’t align with current coaching trends that stops you from attracting high-quality clients.

  • You've been frustrated by a lack of personalised feedback, which leaves you feeling like just another number and disconnected from your goals.

  • You've struggled with inflexible schedules that don't cater to different time zones or personal commitments that adds stress as you try to juggle your other responsibilities.


Yes, It Really Is Possible!

...sounds like what you're looking for?

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We Listened To the Concerns And Frustrations Of Countless New & Seasoned Coaches So That We Could Design The Life Coach Academy To Best Suit Your Needs.

 ✔️ We believe in a balanced, hands on approach that covers the theory, but also quickly puts it into action. 


✔️ Our curriculum is designed to provide clarity and direction. Each module builds on the last, so that you can enjoy a seamless learning experience without any gaps.


 ✔️ With LCA, what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible, with no hidden costs or unexpected upsells.


 ✔️ We’re constantly on the lookout for new trends. We would be doing you (and ourselves) a disservice by not being at the forefront of what’s new in the coaching world.


✔️ Every LCA coach is unique, and we treat you as such. Our feedback is tailored to your individual progress so that you get the guidance you need to hit your goals. 


✔️ We understand that life is busy. That's why our schedules are designed to accommodate different time zones and personal commitments, allowing you to learn at your own pace without adding any extra stress. 

In short, we've created a program that not only equips you with the latest tools and techniques but also respects your individuality and time. 


With us, you're not just another student, or name on a sheet. You're a valued member of a community dedicated to excellence, growth, and genuine impact.

You Get So Much When You Join The Life Coach Academy. So Let’s Quickly Recap…

Personal Transformation

Turn self-doubt into unwavering confidence and master the art of guiding others so that every interaction that you have with your clients is impactful and transformative.

 Business Building

Equip yourself with proven strategies to build a thriving coaching business. 

From branding to client acquisition, you'll have a clear roadmap to success, ensuring you stand out in the coaching market.

Life Skills & Self-Mastery

Learn the sought-after Inquiry Method to make sure that every coaching session is as unique, productive and valuable as possible for both you and your clients.

Flexible Learning with Video Training & Workbooks

With Kyle and Jamie's expert guidance, you'll have the resources to turn your passion into a profitable venture, all at your own pace.

Live Master Classes 

Benefit from weekly interactive sessions with industry experts, Kyle and Jamie. 

Your success is our success. With regular assessments and feedback, we ensure you're always progressing, always evolving, and always one step closer to your coaching aspirations.

Let Us Answer Some Of The Burning Questions That Are Probably On Your Mind…


Why Is The Program 6-Months Long? 

We understand that committing to a 6-month course might raise some eyebrows. But trust us, there’s method to our madness. 

Our primary focus is depth over speed. While there are numerous shorter courses available, we believe in taking the time to ensure you deeply understand, internalise, and can proficiently apply every concept we introduce. 

This approach guarantees that as you step into the real world, you're not just repeating what you've learned but genuinely embodying the principles of a top-tier coach.

Coaching, at its core, is a skill, and mastering any skill demands practice. The duration of our program offers a wealth of opportunities for hands-on experience, allowing you to receive feedback, adjust, and refine your techniques so that you can provide 5 star service to your clients. 

A significant portion of our course emphasises personal growth. Genuine transformation is a journey, not a sprint, and our 6-month timeline gives you enough time to experience a your personal evolution, making you not just a coach in theory but also in personal practice.

We also dedicate a lot of time to the business aspects of coaching, as this is the part most new & seasoned coaches alike can get caught on. 

Our aim is to equip every LCA graduate with a solid business foundation by the end of the course, and this approach naturally requires time. 

We also understand that many of our students juggle jobs, families, and other pursuits. So, while our course is thorough, it's also flexible, meaning you can integrate it into your life without having to make compromises on your other commitments.

So…How Much Does It Cost To Join? 


We've always believed in providing immense value, and our pricing reflects that.  The Life Coach Academy program is priced as a one-time investment of €5000.  

We're not offering a quick-fix, surface-level course. This is a comprehensive, 6-month deep dive into both the art of coaching and the business behind it.

Without the right guidance, you could spend years (and potentially far more money) trying to figure things out on your own, making avoidable mistakes, and missing out on potential income.

For those who are still uncertain, we also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Life Coach Academy, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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More Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you've any unanswered questions you'd like to ask, feel free to ask via the contact box below.

Here’s What’s Possible For You When You Join The Life Coach Academy 

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