Become a Certified Life Coach

Embark on a personal journey + learn both the practice & business of transformational coaching.



Our comprehensive 26 week course is designed and delivered by highly experienced practicing coaches. This program is curated towards aspiring coaches that not only want the confidence to coach anyone, but also the business expertise to back it up. 

 The 26 Week Life Coaching Certificate Program is Delivered Through: 

Continual Assessment & Support 


Your learning journey will be ensured through continuous assessments and added support where needed to deliver your progress and growth in the program.


Program Details

What To Expect Inside LCA

Hear From Life Coaching Academy Graduates


Diana, 7 Weeks in..

"I've already had 5 calls and 2 deciding to sign on with me" 

"I was nervous about the business part but both Jamie and Kyle make everything so simple and straight forward." 


Amanda, 14 weeks in.. 

"I'm already a coach. This certification has two sides - the methodology of coaching and the business side. This already is creating a huge difference!

 A family like feeling within the certification

I have made so much progress. Really inspiring!"



"The coaching program far surpassed anything I ever thought it would do for me. I entered the program never intending to be a coach - just hoping that it would be a tool I could use every day and in all of my relationships."


"I loved this program. I found it to be deeply impactful and very valuable for my life, my relationships, and my coaching."


It's a beautiful experience to work with a person who is so authentic - a person who guides you to express who you really are. If you are searching for a coaching program I encourage you to open yourself up to this amazing, powerful process."


"I love how simple, elegant and effective the Inquiry Method is. I love how this work consistently brings awareness to the wisdom and information the body and spirit hold. "


"The Life Coach Academy Program allowed me to feel and see how simple it can be to help others liberate themselves from what keeps them from living their best lives. I feel totally capable to be an amazing Life Coach."


"The work I've done with Kyle has been life altering. I wouldn't be who I am today without Kyle leading me through this process. Kyle demands that we keep growing. It's a dramatic process. I can't say enough about it."


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